I have known Nancy for as long as she has been in real estate. She is a great person and wonderful real estate agent. She knows what she is doing. Highly recommend her to anyone in need of a real estate agent.

Check these ladies out! These dynamos recently walked my husband and I through what some might call a self-induced, parallel universe of a real estate nightmare: the concurrent selling and buying of a home. Can it be done? Yes. Is it easy? Let’s just say, it’s tricky. This duo blended their masterful skills and guided us through with painless synchronicity.

Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and has managed to soak up nearly everything that’s first cousin to the real estate market along the way. She stayed on top of things and we trusted her judgement 100%.

Jessica always went the extra mile, accommodating us with speedy responses and was willing to work evenings and even on a holiday for us. Had she not, we would have missed out on the home we now have.

If you’re looking for agents who tell you what you want to hear, my advice is simple, ‘Find someone else!’ Nancy and Jessica tell it like it is which is an admirable and refreshing quality. We greatly appreciated their honesty in evaluating our choices along the way. Even when we thought a property was ‘THE one’, a rebuttal of, “That place is a hot mess!” steered us clear and stopped us dead in our tracks. As disappointing as that was at times, we needed to hear that reality. They know what they’re talking about, know the market place, understand your needs and with their instinctive qualities they lead us to THE perfect place. Our dreams definitely have become our reality.
Thank you both! We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Double thumbs up, ladies!! And if I had another thumb, you’d get that one, too!

I recommend Jessica Burks & Nancy Knight enough to where if I ever have to buy or sell again, I will only do so with this team. I was working with a realtor who seemed to ignore my calls and work at her convenience. By chance, I called the name on a sign outside of a home just to get a benchmark in the neighborhood. I wasn’t even interested in the home. Jessica called me back right away, and I told her I was interested in a DIFFERENT home down the street and was just comparing prices. My realtor wasn’t around to show the home, and I told Jessica. A couple of hours later, Jessica called and asked if I got to look at the house… when I told her no, she offered to take us to look at it WITHOUT hesitation, and without an agreement. She goes out of her way to help. I fired my realtor. The rest is history: Jessica helped sell our house, and helped purchase the house of our dreams… all in one move, a difficult transaction to pull off. I highly recommend Jessica Burks, a genuinely sweet caring professional who I now call a good friend.

We bought a house in Old Town and were represented by Jessica. The search took many months as we wanted just the right location and house. She was tireless in letting us know anytime something new came on the market that met our criteria, and when we finally found the right home, Jessica made the negotiation process as smooth as possible. The best part was that because Nancy and Jessica have lived and worked in Georgetown for so many years, they have an amazing list of trusted and competent contractors who can help you get repairs and upgrades done. Jessica continued to follow up with us after the sale to ensure that the contractors were performing up to expectations. This was all around the best realtor experience my wife and I have had among the four home purchases we have made over the years. Thanks, Nancy and Jessica!

Nancy and Jessica are Amazing. I recommend them to everyone needing a realtor and a friend. Jessica is very personable.